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Melissa Burke
11/30/2008 13:03

I love your work, Emily!

08/20/2009 11:41

King Photography does a wonderful job. Great quality at an affordable price.

10/19/2009 06:37

She is a wonderful photographer. I have enjoyed her work for many years. When I got engaged, there was no question as to who would be our photographer. We really had a great time with our engagement photo session! She made us feel very comfortable, when I am usually shy in front of a camera.
Thanks Emily!!!

03/04/2010 09:14

I was fortunate enough to have Emily as my wedding photgrapher. What can I say she was wonderful. She was completely flexible as to what she would shoot as we had a very clear idea that we didn't want anything too formal - she also had an incredible vision as to what would look good and when we saw the prints she was so so right. As I live in the UK with my husband the pictures have been seen quite literally half way around the world and poeple to do not fail to comment on the images and their extremely high artistic quality.

Em is simply a pleasure to work with and produces exquisite images which I know our family will treasure for many years.

Thanks Emily.


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